Our mission is to give students the skills, energy and confidence to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

Yes, you will learn how to kick and punch.  You will learn how to fall properly, how to escape from holds, and how to defend yourself.  The likelihood of your getting in a fight is actually quite small.  But if it happens, we will make sure you’re prepared to recognize danger, diffuse it, and ultimately avoid it.

Paradoxically, you will learn how to fight so you won’t have to fight anymore.  We are more impressed by the fights you’ve avoided rather than the fights you’ve ‘won.’

As a result of your martial arts training, you will eventually become more focused, disciplined,  and confident.  You will walk taller, feel better about yourself, and succeed both inside and outside the dojo. You will learn to overcome self-doubt, domineering people, apathy, tough challenges and unexpected set-backs.

You will be a winner in life.

Drop in anytime for a free class. No reservations are required.  Meet the teachers.  Meet the students. See for yourself how we are a very different and very special martial arts school.  Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Sensei James has 35 years experience in the martial arts and has served as an AAU (American Athletics Union) certified martial arts coach and tournament judge. James has a 5th degree black belt in Hapkido and a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo. James owns  SuperGeeks. Join him for chess every Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm at Kahala Mall's food court.  The club is called Kahala Chess.  Bring the whole family.

sensei-reikoSensei Reiko has been teaching martial arts since 1992. She is a 3rd dan Blackbelt in addition to being a nationally certified group fitness instructor and trainer since 1997. She has provided instruction to students in many locations both here and in Los Angeles, including Hapkido International, the Honolulu Club, and Red Lotus Hawaii.

She holds a Master’s degree in Theater and Dance and is a director, actor, and educator. She is the owner of Red Lotus Hawaii, served as the Education Director for ‘Ohi’a Productions for the last 4 years, and has worked extensively in Hawaii’s public schools. She also served as the Upper School Dean of Students and Drama Director at La Pietra-Hawaii School for Girls for nine years.

Sensei Reiko believes that engaging the mind, body, and spirit is the key to overall health and fitness. “Martial Arts training empowers students and prepares them for success in every facet of their lives.”

Sensei Kevin was born and raised in Los Angeles California where he began practicing Tae Kwon Do at the age of four. He’s been at it on and off ever since, including competing in and winning several tournaments. He also had his first opportunity to teach at his home school under Grand Master Vincent Rodericks as he would allow him to run the children's class on occasion. He received his first Dan black belt at 16 years old and continued his training in L.A until he graduated high school and moved to Hawaii in 2005. Sensei Kevin is now a 2nd degree black belt.

Sensei Layne is a Second Degree Black Belt, and has been with Smart Karate for over 10 years. He especially likes Okinawan weapons and has competed successfully in many Karate and Kobudo tournaments. Layne is a proud member of the Roosevelt High School Class of 2016. He plays Clarinet in the Band, and is a starter on the Varsity Judo Team. Layne’s best subjects are Math and Science. When not studying or training, he blows things up on Minecraft or vanquishes bad guys in League of Legends.

Sensei Tiana has studied Martial Arts for over 10 years and is currently one away from black belt. She has her BFA in Dance and Theatre from the University of Hawaii, and has been performing since she was 4years old. She has performed in Tasmania as well as Hawaii, and Las Vegas. She has taught Dance and Martial Arts to children of all ages, as well as to special needs children. Tiana has recently welcomed her first son Naeson Taisho Kim into the world. Her brother Sensei Kevin DeBell is a mentor to her and their youngest brother Jordan who is striving to become a black belt. Her inspiration comes from her father Dale who is also a 3rd Degree black belt. Her mother Selena is always there to support all her children and her new grandson.

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